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Reimaging Money: Swipe, Tap, Blink or Blockchain?
The Digital Money Forum at CES 2017

Every Alexander Hamilton-freak knows that the U.S. had a serious currency problem, trading everything from guilders to wampum until a common currency was agreed upon. Somewhere in the 1950’s paper turned plastic with the creation of the ubiquitous credit card. Now money is entering its digital incarnation. You don’t want to miss a minute of The Digital Money Forum at CES where we look at the role of everything from new payment systems to borderless eCommerce, to biometrics and authentication systems to virtual currencies, and the most disruptive of them all – the blockchain economy.

Karen Webster, CEO, Market Platform Dynamics and Facilitator of the 2017 Digital Money Forum

Alistair Croll, Founder of Solve for Interesting and Emcee of the 2017 Digital Money Forum

Emceed by Alistair Croll, a believer that “most of the interesting things happen where the rubber of humanity meets the road of technology,” we’ll hear from some of the key players behind the creation of our new payment tools, services and trends.

Start your day with us with a BlockChain Breakfast and work it right up until the Virtual Currency Networking Party at the close of day. Some of the topics we’ll be exploring:

Money: Just Another Proxy for Trust

The Digital Wallet in Your Pocket

Who’s Real, Who’s Robo, Who Cares?

Wearing Your Wallet on Your Sleeve (Wearable Payment Systems)

Chasing the Millennial Market

IoT Meets Digital Money

Identify Yourself: Biometrics, Authentication

5 Start-Ups to Watch

The Blockchain: More Than a One Trick Pony

Predicting the Future: A Report from Neckar Island and Matt Roszak

Inclusivity: The Power of Digital for the Underbanked

No Boundaries: Moving Money Across Borders


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