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The 2018 Digital Money Forum

The end of hard cold cash is in sight. As digital currencies become the norm, the question of trust comes into play. Where banks and governments once provided security and peace of mind, now the landscape is more resembling of the Wild West, begging the question: is trust still relevant, and if not, what is?

The increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, algorithms, as well as the use of peer to peer payments and mobile wallets, are all steps toward the democratization of money. Nevertheless, the dice are far from being cast in terms of determining winners vs. losers. When you can pay for valet parking with Bitcoin, or your office vending machine uses a blockchain payment system; your mobile wallet lets you bypass the ATM while keeping track of all your rewards and loyalty points, and your smart home is buying your groceries – are traditional financial systems still pertinent? Who has the power and control? And what guarantees are there, for the safety of our money?

Join the 2018 Digital Money Forum as we examine and discuss the endless possibilities – as well as the risks, rewards and safety – of doing business and living with the democratization of money.


Conference Registration Opens October 18