HodlMoon is an apparel company that is aiming to cash on in the current crypto craze by offering customers with sleek, well designed jumpers that feature a wide array of alt coin symbols. The sweaters are fully knit, and are made using high quality fabrics which ensure that they do not shrink or tear easily.

Sweater Options available:

  • Bitcoin: this is a sleek yellow/black sweater that features the BTC logo on the upper half of the front. In addition to this, the jumper is Unisex and also 100% Acrylic.
  • LiteCoin: this sweater features a black/grey design that is quite fashionable and smart. Similar to the other options, this sweater is also unisex and made from 100% acrylic medium.
  • Ethereum: this attractive jumper makes use of 4 different shades of blue to create a nice pleasant design. The ethereum logo is splashed across the chest region.
  • Neo: this crypto inspired sweater uses a colorful green and white scheme that is not only trendy but also keeps in line with the upcoming holiday spirit.
  • Monero: similar to the color scheme used by the currency itself, this sweater uses a light red, black combination to create an eye-pleasing design.
  • Polymath: this jumper features a combination of purple, white and blue to create a garment this is visually appealing, as well as easy on the skin.