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Rick Bleszynski


Rick Bleszynski is a successful serial entrepreneur with over 25 years in system-on-chip, microprocessor and networking experience creating the Internet infrastructure. Prior to Splend, Rick founded multiple successful Silicon Valley technology startups. He is the former chairman and founder of Bay Microsystems, ex-CTO and founder of Softcom Microsystems (acquired by Intel Corporation in 1999) and holds 8 US patents in networking and microprocessor technology.

Rick’s networking and processor background, having successfully commercialized over the past 20 years, has led to the creation of Splend’s powerful technology – Integrated Blockchain Architecture™ (IBA™). IBA™ is a scalable, high barriers to entry technology platform that solves the blockchain infrastructure bottlenecks and bring to life the vision of the blockchain as the new network of the future.


Digital Money Reception: Beats, Bits and Blockchains: The New Landscape for Music, Media, and Money
6:30-8:30 PM
Venetian Level 4, Lando 4302