Pierre Barbeau is a mobile solutions thought leader, executive, and entrepreneur. In 2000-2007, he pioneered Sprint Picture Mail, the first generation picture-sharing service in the United States. As General Manager of Sprint Visual Communications, he also led the development of the first camera and video phones to launch in the U.S. marketplace.
During that period, Pierre and his innovative team developed native apps and back-end platforms for mobile phones—long before blueprints or tools were available. Pierre has spoken on mobile innovation and the future impact of technologies to businesses at several industry-leading association events, including the AAF, AMA, DMA, and PMA
Pierre is now the CEO of Moblico, a leading mobile engagement,loyalty and monetization technology company founded in 2010. Moblico leverages marketing data to increase transactions through upsell and cross-sell solutions. Moblico’s data driven marketing platform allows clients to take advantage of digital engagement to deliver a positive brand experience in support of your business goals, increased revenue, audience expansion, communication of transactions and building of long-term customer relationships.
Pierre is graduate of Bishop’s University in Quebec, Canada. He currently lives in the Kansas City area with his wife and four children.