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Kurt Kumar
Token Sale Orchestrator


Kurt Kumar is a Business Architect, entrepreneur and process transformation specialist with proven ability in bringing to life custom enterprise strength applications with features/functions and agility that cannot be matched by big firms.

In the fiat world, he lead guerilla teams to rapidly create prototypes of conceptual designs while applying best-of-breed, enterprise system and application solutions to meet business objectives on large-scale projects at Universal, Sony, DTV, Warner, Fox, Allianz, ESRI et al.

In the Crypto world, he does Token Sales orchestrations & helps shrink time it takes from start to finish. He also runs the Los Angeles Blockchain meetup, BLOCKCON (www.goBLOCKCON.com), BLOCK2TheFuture (www.BLOCK2TheFuture) and MARRIAGECON (MarriageCon.eventbrite.com).

Strong believer that future is DECENTRALIZED.


The Future is Decentralized
3:15-4:00 PM
Venetian Level 4, Lando 4302