Jonathan Johnson is president of Medici Ventures, an Overstock subsidiary, that oversees a growing portfolio of companies advancing blockchain technology. In this role, Johnson is responsible for continuing Medici Ventures’ efforts to pioneer growth and innovation in applying blockchain to capital markets, money and banking, identity, voting, property rights, supply chain, and social media.

Johnson is also a member of’s board of directors, and served as the chairman of Overstock’s board of directors from 2014 to 2017, transitioning to the position after five years as the company’s president, and later, as the acting CEO and executive vice chairman of the board. Johnson joined Overstock in 2002 as the company’s general counsel and has held various business and legal-related positions within the company prior to becoming president. He has been an integral part of Overstock’s growth from a small start-up to a publicly traded company with over $1.8 billion in sales.