James ElsonJames is currently Vice President Manufacturing at Nymi Inc. where he gets to satisfy his passion for developing and launching compelling consumer technologies by leading the Hardware, Mechanical and Manufacturing teams. For over 15 years James had pioneered the adoption of new technology into mass consumer products such as the first mass-consumer, mass-production application of Nitinol Wire (S.M.A.); and the first use of Lithium Polymer batteries in toy grade products; receiving multiple industry awards and a Guinness Book World Record along the way. At Nymi, James launched the Nymi Band Discovery kit, a wearable device that provides secure, continuous authentication that enables convenient strong multi-factor biometric to any application, device, or service. Based on the Nymi Band Discovery Kit’s technology, which uses a person’s ECG for biometric authentication, James added Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable contactless payments and successfully completed the world’s first biometrically authenticated contactless payment from a heartbeat. James has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada.