Bimal has over 25 years of global experience across the management consulting, technology, and financial services industries. He is known for his unique ability to blend finance, strategy, technology, and operations into a seamless portfolio to drive performance via a strong focus on metrics. A passionate promoter of technologies & solutions that bring value to customers and generate amazing customer experiences. Bimal has a strong reputation for scaling businesses to their next level. Uniken is his third technology company in a C-level capacity.
Known for being an excellent speaker, he has delivered a TED-X talk on cybersecurity in Hong Kong, an award winning presentation at Fintech Finals in 2017, and a regional perspective on CyberSecurity and Consumer Experience at the MasterCard/Forbes Cybersecurity Forum in Mexico in 2018. Most recently, was a featured speaker in Digital Money & Retail Forum at the Consumer Electronics Show, and a keynote address at Identity Week in Singapore.