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The blockchain’s best raison d’être may be in verticals like agriculture, smart contracts, real estate, shipping and manufacturing where a decentralized ledger that tracks the life of a transaction is needed.

2020-01-27T17:34:12+00:00Categories: 2020 Recap|

News on the regulation front has been sparse, but blockchain and crypto companies are self-regulating, forming consortia and lobbying hard to make sure that US regulators don’t miss the ball.

2020-01-23T15:23:47+00:00Categories: 2020 Recap|

Cryptocurrency in 2020 will be dramatically affected by two things: The introduction of Facebook’s Libra which amplified the conversation, and the introduction of a Chinese government-backed cryptocurrency expected to launch later this year

2020-01-27T17:44:25+00:00Categories: 2020 Recap|

How do you play in the crypto investment space? Just like Web 1.0, digital assets are worthy of investment but not without risks. We talk to a group of bullish investors who are investing in a variety of projects that all have one thing in common. They get rid of the middleman and head towards decentralization. They explain their investments in everything from land titles to voting, from banking to retail.

2020-01-27T17:35:32+00:00Categories: 2020 Recap|

Companies like, MakerDao and Ballet Crypto took to the show floor to talk about blockchain architecture. If you build it, clearly the crowds will come.

2020-02-04T15:39:50+00:00Categories: 2020 Recap|