We Look at Fintech, AI, AR, VR, Crypto, Blockchain, and Machine to Machine Commerce.

The 2018 Digital Money Summit at CES presented a picture of a 500 year old financial system in disruption. The disruption follows two distinct arcs. The first, and more mainstream, is new fintechs forming friendships (or at least partnerships) with traditional industry players.

  • The second and more revolutionary arc comes from brand new paradigms that would completely upend money as we know it. A star-studded panel of crypto gurus including folks from Ripple, Civic, Overstock and Swarm provided a minute-by-minute glimpse of a how a totally decentralized, disintermediated world of payments might juggle privacy and trust issues.

  • A Blockchain-focused afternoon showcased the potential for distributed, immutable systems to manage everything from supply chains to energy grids and entertainment. And the first ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Slugfest brought the standing-room-only conference to new decibel levels as they voted with whoops and applause for their favorite new projects.

  • The daily ups and downs in the world of cryptocurrency are not for the faint of heart. Any roller coaster ride would seem tame in comparison. But the magnitude of the change that crypto and blockchain will bring about has been called the next big thing, maybe even bigger than the Internet itself.

  • Fintech companies Betterment, PayScout, Clinc, & MoneyLion have easy-to-use shells to provide personalized services to the underbanked. Robo-advisors from Blackrock & unattended retail options from Diebold Nixdorf & USA Technologies proved automation can make purchasing cheaper, more efficient, & more interesting. NXP's new semiconductors will make an Internet of Payment-Enabled Things a reality.

Machine to Machine Commerce
The Blockchain/ICO SlugFest
Payments Deconstructed



We were filled to capacity at 350 attendees, turning people away at the front door because of fire marshall laws.


Our post-event networking mixer sponsored by VideoCoin, Transform PR, and Bloq Capital was filled with hopeful exuberance.


Social networking impressions for FB Live and for @thedigitalmoney and #DigitalMoney.


Rock star appearances from former governor Tim Pawlenty, Sophia from Hanson Robotics, Michael J. Casey, Halsey Minor, Jason Mars, Nitin Gaur, Cleveland Brown, Vinny Lingham and others are not to be missed.

The Big Ideas

“Because of digitization, because of the internet, and because of the arrival of devices that can act on our behalf, suddenly we are facing this massive shift, 500 years in the making.”

“‘Convenience vs Privacy’ kind of implies it’s either one or the other. In an idealized state, we’d like to have both.”

“It’s so fascinating for me to see how different people react to different kinds of technology. I have so much to learn about human emotion and human reactions.”

Sophia Hanson, Robot, Hanson Robotics
“Video doesn’t need to live in the data center. It can live across the internet. Smart money can create a real time marketplace so the cheapest assets can get selected and used.”



Special thanks to our sponsors. Their generosity and input make this event possible.