The economy is becoming digitized, mobile, and tokenized. It’s your best path to better business

Every year we ask the audience how much cash they have in the pocket. Every year the answer is less and less. For the fifth year, CES is producing The Digital Money Forum. The day-long conference and 4-day exhibit marketplace are devoted to helping the technology community navigate the circuitous transition from paper currencies to digital.

Like any trip worth taking, the path to a cashless digital economy has been fraught with bumps, retributions, recriminations and turf wars, but it’s paved the way for a new, mature generation of problem solvers who are prepared to lead the way. At our 2020 show, we’ll focus on the companies and leaders who’ve been at the forefront of fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency advancements.

On the fintech front, 2020 is the year when chatting with a robo advisor will become nearly indistinguishable from talking to a human financial expert. It’s the year when fintech companies will rely on AI, voice and 5G devices to help redefine everything from how credit is scored to how loans and payments are made. And it’s a year where all banking and payments will become mobile first.

For blockchain and crypto you’ll see the industry move from what Deloitte calls “blockchain tourism” to prioritizing blockchain right up there with AI and 5G as their business stay competitive. This will be the year where you’ll see new currencies working alongside traditional ones, and new asset classes born as the digital tokens go mainstream.

You’ll see major hardware manufacturers jumping on board with blockchain-ready mobile devices, plug-in blockchains, automated kiosks and newly designed chipsets that will both speed and secure blockchain’s operations. Regulators will provide a much-needed framework for weeding out bad actors. And you’ll see the “suits” — everyone from the major exchanges to funds and traders — all gathered to figure out their rightful places in a financial world we’ve only just begun to imagine.

There’s no better place to explore the future of money then at CES, the epicenter of innovation and the most likely place on the planet for technologists to gamble on the future.

The Digital Money Marketplace

Make your presence felt and join us at the Digital Money Marketplace on the CES show floor. For four days, you can show over 150,000 CES attendees what the future of money looks like. You’ll be featured in the Sands Exhibit Hall amidst all of the technological innovation that make CES what it is. There is limited exhibit space, so act quickly.

Contact Annette Schnur (267.239.0829) for more information.

The Digital Money

As transactions become tokenized and decentralized (think blockchain and crypto) we’re the platforms that modern businesses use. As fintech companies transform the worlds of traditional payment, lending, and banking we’re approaching a huge fork in the road. As Yogi said, “Let’s take it.” If you’re a leader in blockchain, crypto, AI and finance, IoT payment systems, voice-enabled payments, security, and personal ID, we need to hear from you. Be a part of the largest change in commerce since the invention of the Internet.

The Digital Money

This unique networking event is designed to cross-pollinate an industry in transition. The Digital Money Reception is the place where press, VCs and investors, product-builders, C-Suite execs and Digital Money Forum attendees gather to talk face to face. The reception celebrates how blockchain is changing the very fiber of business at the Consumer Electronics Show. Join for cocktails, special events, live interviews and lots of great networking. The Digital Money Reception gives you face time with the future of money.



CES was absolutely amazing for us. We literally met hundreds of potential customers who need a real world blockchain solution like ours. I hope to be able to be a tent-pole in the future, working with you for future shows.

Tom Anderson

Thank you for a fantastic event! I really enjoyed the Digital Money Forum & I was so grateful to be included.

Amy James, Open Index Protocol

The Hong Kong delegation feels extremely positive about our entire CES experience. Perhaps I should not have been surprised then that Wednesday’s talk at the Digital Money Forum was standing room only.

Pindar Wong, VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd.

The digital money transformation will involve nothing short of a social revolution, one in which various cultures, Silicon Valley startups, financial professionals and electronics engineers and marketers, must come together. That’s what makes the Digital Money Forum, which I have I had the absolute pleasure of emceeing for four years such a unique, exciting event. It is a nexus, a meeting point for vibrant communities to come together to chart the road map for our evolving digital existence.

Michael Casey, co-author of the Truth Machine, former Wall St. Journal reporter, CoinDesk and MIT Cryptocurrency Advisory Boards


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